Ecstatic dance and Sound Healing

This workshop series is available as an ongoing drop in basis. The class uses voice, dance, movement and sound to facilitate dropping people out of their head and into their body. 

What to expect?  

Ecstatic dance and Sound Healing  

This 2-hour workshop is a power combination of meditative dance and sound healing.

The first half of the workshop, participants are guided through a style of free-form dance in which the music guides the participants, though evoking different emotive states and movements. There is no formal structure or steps to follow or any right or wrong way to move. The practice aims to drop people out of their heads and into their bodies using movement, sound and voice. Dancers are given prompts which they are free to follow or not, that facilitate connection to the self and others, and connection with the elements earth, fire, air and water.  

The sound scape is co-created by dance guide Georgia Mac and involves a DJ set and live music including didgeridoo, handpan, Native American flute, djembe and medicine drum. The music often moves through a wide variety of musical genres with prompts the help people drop into their body, move past restrictions of the mind and move authentically in a way that serves each person in each moment. In this way the practice in a moving meditation of self-expression.  

The second half of the workshop, participant will be dropped into still meditation to receive a sound journey. This sound facilitates people to drop into deep states of meditation... Supported by the sounds of Vocals, Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Medicine Drums, Crystal Sound Bowls, and Handpan, participants are guided inwards through deep, vibrational massage to promote physical, emotional and energetic opening and release...

The workshop is a playful approach to self expression.  While there are a number of benefits to the practice, these sessions are about doing instead of thinking. The workshop is a safe space for people to lean into discomfort, experience themselves, express themselves authentically and connect to the self and others. Elements of witnessing and being witnessed are incorporated. No expectation of the experience is set prior to the workshop other than to come along, be playful and to express yourself authentically.

Who can attend? You must be 18 years or over to attend a workshop. 

When is it?  Details about next workshop coming soon

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What to bring?

Yoga mat
Water bottle
Loose clothing for movement
Warm clothing for sound journey
Open heart and playful vib