Ecstatic Dance Class - Weekly Drop in Class

Drop in class on Thursdays Fortnightly from 7:30-9pm

$20 on the door - cash only

 Location: Queenscliff Surf Club (Downstairs room)

Ecstatic dance is a style of free-form dance in which the music guides the participants, though evoking different states and movements. There is no formal structure or steps to follow or any right or wrong way to move. The practice aims to drop people out of their heads and into their bodies using movement, sound and voice. Dancers are given prompts which they are free to follow or not.

The space is a word-free environment in which talking is strictly not allowed. Words create a fog that gets in the way of connecting authentically with ourselves and others. 

The sound scape is co-created by dance guide Georgia Mac, Jasmine Oh and Jakob Job. The music often moves a wide variety of musical genres with prompts the help people drop into their body, move past restrictions of the mind and move authentically in a way that serves each person in each moment. In this way the practice in a moving mediation and self-expression.  The drop in events are inclusive of all ages and are drug and alcohol free.

Come play, sweat, and connect with your self and others.