Advanced Mindfulness Courses

This extended courses gives participants an opportunity to significantly deepen their mindfulness practice. The course runs over 6 weeks and covers principles such as radical acceptance, value guided action vs autopilot and present moment living- translating your practice into a way of life. This workshop series provides individuals with valuable educational information, in session experiential exercises, take home practice and facilitates the development of a routine practice.


What exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach that combines aspects of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology to help people create a more fulfilling meaningful live and better manage their distressing thoughts and feelings. By definition, mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment, with flexibility of attention and acceptance of what is in that moment. Truly understanding mindfulness comes through experiencing it. 

Each session will include and element of movement, sound and a sound journey with crystal sound bowls. 

    So, what might you benefit from practicing mindfulness? Everyone is different in how they experience movement and sound, nonetheless common benefits to a regular mindfulness practice include.

    • Improvements in subjective well-being and a connection to self
    • A reduction in psychological distress and emotional reactivity
    • An improvement of behavioural regulation (such as anger management and substance use control)
    • Reduced worry and rumination
    • Reduced stress levels
    • Boosted working memory capacity, processing speed and focus
    • Increased cognitive flexibility  
    • Improve relationship quality and satisfaction
    • Enhance self-insight, morality, intuition and fear modulation
    • Numerous health benefits, including increased immune functioning

    How do I book and who can attend? You must be 18 years or over to attend a workshop. Bookings are made through the Contact Us page pending a brief phone assessment to ensure suitability for the group. 

    Dates and location for upcoming workshops coming soon.