Inhabit Flow Collective is a complementary approach to well-being using immersion in movement and sound. This is designed to drop people out of their heads and into their bodies. The collective offers a range of workshops, events and short courses made up of sound journeys, dance, movement and meditation. Each workshop has a fun and playful approach with the hope of connecting people to dance and sound. Inhabit Flow Collective is a dynamic community collective and the workshops are often co-facilitated by various practitioners, sound healers, yoga teachers, musicians and movement instructors. 

The collective specialised in holding space, circles and ceremonies. These often involve powerful journeys though sound and movement facilitating people to drop into deep states of meditation... Supported by the sounds of Vocals, Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Medicine Drums, Crystal Sound Bowls, and Handpan and paired with movement, participants are guided inwards through deep, vibrational massage to promote physical, emotional and energetic opening and release...

Although we specialise in workshops, tailored individual and group sound journeys are also available. This involves crystal sound bowls and other sound journey instruments depending on which facilitators and guest musicians are involved in the workshop.

There are many different responses to the way we experience movement and sound, nonetheless common benefits to a regular mindfulness and embodiment practice include: Improvements in subjective well-being and a connection to self; a reduction in psychological distress and emotional reactivity; increase capacity for intimacy and connection in relationships; increased creativity and expansion of creative flow; improved behavioural regulation; reduced worry and rumination; reduced stress levels; improved working memory capacity; processing speed and focus; increased cognitive flexibility; enhanced relationship quality and satisfaction; enhanced self-insight, morality, intuition and fear modulation; numerous health benefits, including increased immune functioning. 

You're invited to join us at one of our upcoming courses or workshops. Numbers are limited and booking is essential

Events and Tickets for 2019


Continuous for 2019: Ecstatic Dance Mondays Fortnightly - location Queenscliff Surf Club $20 drop in class cash only - 7:30pm to 9pm. Facilitated by Georgia Mac, Jasmine Oh and Jakob Jon. 


Sound Journey Meditation with Crystal Sound Bowls and Didgeridoo - 19th of May 2018 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at The Yoga Institute for details and TICKETS click here. Early Bird Discount $30 until the 12th of May, Full price Tickets $40


Yoga Flow and Sound Journey at The Sober Social 22nd January 2019 7-9pm. With Native American flute, crystal sound bowls, didgeridoo, handpan, medicine drums, rain sticks, and more. $30 Tickets through Eventbrite (Click here)


Vibrational Empowerment Working with negativity using energy and sound - Dates coming soon for 2019



Rainbow Serpent

Sound Journey with crystal sound bowls. Come find us in the healing space

Rabbits Eat Lettuce

Ecstatic Dance and Sound Journey with crystal sound bowls, didgeridoo, hang drum and flutes. Come find us at the Hey Sunshine Stage

Circles by Weird Women

Ecstatic Dance Workshop; Sound Journey with crystal sound bowls; And Georgia will be speaking on a panel about sexuality, sex and working through sexual shame.

Subsonic Music Festival

Yin Yoga and Sound Journey with crystal sound bowls, medicine drum and didgeridoo.

Dragon Dreaming

Ecstatic Dance Workshop; Sound Journey with crystal sound bowls;

Meet the Collective

Georgia Mac - The Creator


Georgia is a psychologist with over ten years experience in dance, yoga and meditation. She has taught meditation and mindfulness in both clinical and community settings. While working clinically as a psychologist in other areas, her work through Inhabit Flow Collective is not as a psychologist but as a movement and sound guide. The workshops involve sound, dance and meditation to create tangible experiences in the present moment. The work done at Inhabit Flow Collective is seen as a complementary approach to well-being using an immersion in movement and sound, to drop people out of their head and into their bodies while having a fun and connecting with dance and sound. While many of the workshops are run by Georgia, Inhabit Flow Collective is a dynamic community collective and the workshops are often co-facilitated with other practitioners, sound healers, yoga teachers, musicians and movement instructors. 

Allie Dalby

Allie 2.jpg

Yoga bum, sound healer & love creature... Ever since wildly leaping into the world of yoga, Allie has been on a deep path of discovery... A path that has, through its raw and often turbulent undulations, directed him towards sound and it's beautiful healing properties. for his own healing, his hang drum (aka Jangle Wok) has integrated into both his practice and yoga teaching and is now being used as a vessel from which to guide others towards personal discoveries of their own through integration with yoga and other healing practices.

His personal practice is one of surrendering to the heart - from here he believes that with sound, breath and movement, one can drop into their truth and take control of their own lives.

As a member of Inhabit Flow Collective, Allie holds space for various yoga, sound and healing events across Sydney... Sharing his vibrantly intuitive and creatively playful energy along the way.


Kay Wilson


Kay Wilson is an Energy Coach and Energy Healer. She runs Energy Empowerment Workshops in the corporate world and is a popular wellness blogger.
Kays passion is sharing mindful practices combined with energy techniques that empower her clients to manage their own energetic health and wellbeing.